My History

papa-19-anni-hd-fronte-retocada-result.jpgHonor to whom honor deserves…

I believe in what I do with passion and responsibility as my father taught me. Giovanni Candela, Sicilian, communicator, seller, cook, unconditional father, friend, educated and with great sense of humor. Born in 1930, during the world war, man of his word, he was always ready and loved to work. Emigrated to Venezuela when he was 21, he had two to three jobs to support our family.

My dad woke me up at 6am, with the aroma of coffee, I knew it was time to get up and go to school. For him cook at home it was like making a work of art, a pleasure, in fact, family and friends always asked him to cook, they said "tasty!"

One of the great pleasures of my father was cooking, Sunday was the day of Napoli Sauce, Early in the morning he used to put tomato sauce to cook for lunch. My dad had hotels and restaurants, I used to share a lot of time with him enjoying the aroma of the typical Italian trattoria with Sicilian touches.

Therefore I have this virtue of enjoying cooking. My friends always remind some of my meals, when we meet they ask me to cook something delicious, for me it is a pleasure, but then, their job is washing the dishes!

I have seven years wanting to start a project like "Candela Gourmet", now the time came. We have worked for eight months to offer the best recipes, everything has been reviewed by different chefs, who have given me their consent. I want to thank everyone who has accompanied me all these months in the development of "Candela Gourmet".

I am also grateful to you for reading my story and giving me the opportunity to give a succulent delicacy, which is part of my culinary history with Sicilian roots and Latin touches, as experts call a "fusion cuisine". Bon Appetite.