We want to introduce you FITNESS FORK, a new concept inspired by the vibrant way of today’s healthy eating and traditional cooking featuring nutritional meals using the freshest ingredients and in compliance with healthy nutrition standards. 




  • Healthy “Homemade/Chef” daily meals adapted to your unique dietary needs. Vegetarian option is available.
  • Three meals per day, delivered to you, so you don’t have to worry about what to eat or cook to meet your daily allowances.
  • Monthly plans Monday thru Sunday, and Monday thru Friday available. 
  • 10 days detox plan mainly composed of lean proteins with plenty of vegetables. Without grains, starchy vegetables or legumes,  fruits or dairy (except fat free greek yogurt).
  • Six (6) choices of daily calories count menus ranging from 1200 to 3500 cal per day, with macros proportion of 30%* high quality protein, 30%* complex carbs, and 40%* healthy fats.  *(With the exception of the first 10 detox days). 
  • Delivery: For orders placed before 11 am you will receive your first meal the day after (except Fridays). For orders placed after 11 am you will receive your first meal two days after.

All plans are carefully structured to satisfy your nutritional requirements to fulfill your fitness goals.


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